The Ambattur Rotary Hospital was founded with the aim of providing quality health care at subsidized costs to the people of the locality of Ambattur Industrial Estate and is one of the flagship projects of the Rotary club of Ambattur. From humble beginnings in 1990 – it was started as an outpatient clinic-it has grown in phases into a well equipped hospital that has some unique value additions.

The hospital has the following medical facilities: out-patient unit and in-patient unit,  surgical unit for hand injuries, industrial accident emergency care and general surgery, rehab center for cerebral palsy, eye care and dialysis treatment, breast and cervical cancer screening and treatment unit for women.

Hand Injuries

Hand injuries are common in industries of the Estate where workers are prone to getting injured while at work. We have established a modular operation theater with highly sophisticated equipments including surgical microscope where the injured workers get immediate attention and prevent any damages that may result due to such severe injuries. We engage senior plastic surgeons and expert orthopedics to treat the injured patients.


The hospital is equipped with 23 dialysis machines and run in collaboration with TANKER foundation where kidney dialysis is carried out in two shifts free of cost for under privileged patients. The unit also has dedicated dialysis equipment for HIV patients.

Cerebral Palsy:

The pride of the hospital is the rehab centre for children affected with cerebral palsy. The Center is equipped with state-of-art facilities. The cerebral palsy rehabilitation centre was started in 2006 to provide a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation package using the services of an expert team comprising of  orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation medicine specialists, physiotherapists, nurses, social workers etc. This centre aims at providing treatment on par with international standards. The centre is equipped with an aqua therapy pool and imported TheraSuits (the first of its kind in India and is being used predominantly used in USA) Therapy is provided free of cost to under privileged children and at nominal cost for affordable patients. Each therapy session is of 3 hours duration for a period of 3-12 months. The centre undertakes rehab treatment for around 240 children every year.

Parents are actively involved and trained so that the exercises can be continued at home. These children are picked up from a common point at locations within the City and brought to the hospital for treatment and dropped back to their pickup points safely. At the centre, treatment schedules are finalized after a thorough evaluation by the team of doctors and professionals and after detailed discussions with the parents.  Children are provided with splints and equipments to improve their condition. 

"Mission is to help children affected with Cerebral Palsy to take the right step towards the better future"

Eye Care

The Hospital has tied up with Janaki Natarajan Vision Research and Visual Rehabilitation Charities of M N Eye Care Hospital for eye care services. We carry about 750 cataract surgeries every rotary year on free of cost basis. 

The eye care services at hospital have been further enhanced by launching project 'Amba Roshni' to carry out 1000 free cataract surgeries every year. With this vision, the Hospital has upgraded its facilities and refurbished its ophthalmology unit. The facility also include a separate operation theater dedicated for eye care where around 20 surgeries can be handled in a day.  The eye care unit handles all eye related ailments and injuries at subsidized cost which will be of benefit to the workers who often meet with accidents at the estate.

The following facilities are available: 
•    Micro incision cataract surgery with implantation of foldable multi focal intra ocular lenses. 
•    Pediatric ophthalmology services. 
•    Diagnosing and monitoring progress of glaucoma using Octopus visual field analyser for early and prompt treatment of glaucoma.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Unit

The hospital has tie up with Penn Nalam, a unit of Dhanvantri Trust, for screening and treatment of breast and cervical cancer for women.

Hospital has plans to further modernize and expand for management of diabetic retinopathy with PRP laser treatment.


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